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This website is continually evolving and has been active and ongoing now for 19 years. As you travel through the pages you can find our recommendations for a number of shopping sites as well as our own collection of country kitchen recipes, barbecue ideas, gardening tips, crafting ideas, holiday fun.

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Big Brands Mall Store
Buy Brand Shoes Direct
Women's Wide Shoes
Women's Narrow Shoes
Discount Costumes Store
Gifts & Collectibles
How To Remove Stains
Candy Store
Fine China
Mickey Mouse Store
Country Place Shoe Store
Casual Sandals Store
Dress Sandals Boutique
Golf Shoes
Petite Ladies Shoes (size 4 - 5.5)
Ladies Size 12 Shoes
Ladies Size 13 Shoes
The Boots Store
Tie Shoppe
The Christmas Store


Lemon Dessert Recipes
Recipes In A Jar
Apple Recipes
Barbecue Recipes
Blueberry Recipes
Chicken Dinner Recipes
Chinese Food Recipes
Cocktails & Mocktails
Cookie Box Recipes
Cranberry Recipes
Crockpot Recipes
Dessert Recipes
Easy Microwave Recipes
Fudge Recipes
German Food Recipes
Ethnic Indian Recipes
Italian Recipes
Low Fat Recipes
Low Fat Muffin Recipes
Pumpkin Favorites
Root Beer & Ginger Beer
Strawberry Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes
Mexican Food Recipes
Ice Cream Recipes
Snacks For Kids
Easy Liqueurs
Party Food Recipes
The Recipe Box
Mother's Day Crafts
Rainy Day Kid Crafts
Christmas Kid Crafts
More Christmas Crafts
Country Craft Soaps
Easter Craft Page
Halloween Fun
Valentine's Day Page
The Craft Cottage


Christmas Collection
Easter Collection
Father's Day Ideas
Halloween Fun
July 4th Picnic Ideas
Mother's Day Recipes
Thanksgiving Dinner
Valentine's Day Page
Costumes For Holidays
Holiday & More Collectibles
Make Facial Scrubs
Make Skin Creams
Make Lip Gloss
Make Bath Oils
Balms, Salves, Ointments
Al's Gardening Guide
Abigail's Rose Garden

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