What are the steps to make pancakes?
2 June 2021

You are a beginner in cooking and you want to know how to make pancakes, but you don’t know yet how to proceed. In this article we offer you the procedures to follow to make good pancakes with very reduced recipes. Read on to find out more about how to make a crepe.

Preparing pancakes: the ingredients to use

First of all, it is important to note that the pancake is a delicious dish characterized by a layer of batter and does not require an ideal schedule to eat. This means that you can eat pancakes at any time without risk, as the batter layer is more or less thin and light. As for the ingredients to be used to make the pancake, you need to remember that you will need faine. 260 grams of flour would be useful to obtain a large part of the crêpe since it is essentially composed of flour. With this amount of flour, you will need 2 whole eggs. If you opt for a sweet preparation, a spoonful of sugar is important. In the case of a savoury preparation, salt should be used instead of sugar. Apart from these so-called raw materials for making the pancake, you will need other secondary elements. These include water, which must be at room temperature and in a minimum quantity of 60 ml. In addition to this, a small amount of olive oil or butter will be a considerable asset in the preparation of a good, delicious pancake.

Preparing a crêpe: the procedure to follow


The preparation of a crêpe requires a bowl and a non-stick pan. First of all, you need to mix the flour with the eggs and the sugar without forgetting the olive oil and the salt (just a pinch of salt). However, the mixture should be whipped after the water has been added so that it is more homogeneous. Make sure you get a thicker, lighter batter. The last step is to put your pan on the heat, adding a little oil before putting a ladleful of pasta in, making sure that each side is cooked.



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