Abigail's Easter Crafts

A delightful collection of easy Easter Crafts for the holiday.
Easter Egg crafts decorating ideas, make a homemade Easter Basket,
plan an Easter Egg hunt, kid friendly Easter Crafts ideas.
Enjoy all these homemade Easter crafts ideas!!

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Easter Egg Crafts

Mr. Easter Egg Face

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Colored Markers

Set the kids around the table - and the grown-ups too! Each person draws a face feature on the egg and passes it to the next, until you have each egg person done.

Amazing Colored Easter Egg Crafts

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Colored Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper

Wet the eggs and cover with strips of tissue or crepe paper. Set aside to dry. When the paper dries the color will stay behind. Voila!!

Lazy Easter Egg Decorating

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Colored Plastic Wrap
  • Colored Ribbon

Wrap eggs in the plastic wrap and tie at the top with a ribbon. Makes a very attractive centre piece for Easter Breakfast Table.

Easter Egg ( No Egg ) Crafts

For the little ones that can't have eggs but can have fun!!

  • Paper Coffee Filters
  • Food coloring (use yellow & blue for best results)
  • Plastic Straws

Precut egg shapes out of the coffee filters. Mix water and yellow coloring together and place in small jar; do the same with the blue.

Set the kids around the table and let each have a straw. Then dip the straw into a jar and drip the color onto the paper. the colors will run together and make beautifilly decorated eggs, Easter crafts.

Easter Baskets Crafts

  • Make a favorite Easter crafts color basket,
    fill with small things all your childs favorite color
  • Make an Easter beauty basket,
    fill with things like barrettes. nail polish, jewelry pieces
  • Make an Easter barbie basket,
    loaded with barbie accessories
  • Make an Easter sports basket,
    fill with trading cards, baseball, cap
  • Make an Easter beach basket,
    fill with shovel, sand toys, sun hat, sun block, use a pail
  • Make use of your imagination,
    what's your child's favorite thing - go with it!! Homemade Easter crafts are best!
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Growing Easter Basket Crafts

  • Empty 1/2 gal. Milk Cartons
  • Potting Soil
  • Grass Seed
  • Decorating Stuff / paper / glue / glitter etc.

Easter Crafts - Cut down carton to 5". Cover with decorations of choice - try covering with colored paper and gluing on sparkles, shapes, whatever. Fill 2/3 full with potting soil, cover soil with grass seed. Have the children water daily.

Grass should be sprouting in 4 or 5 days. Use the top half for the handle. Cut the appropriate shape and staple to your basket.

Fill your Easter crafts with eggs!

Easter Bunny Basket

  • 2 ltr. or 64oz. size Plastic Pop Bottle (clear plastic)
  • Colored Pink Felt Piece
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Glue
  • Cotton Ball or Pom Pom

If there is a bottom support attached to your bottle then remove it first. Cut the bottle in half, removing the top piece.

Next cut down on the bottle on one side until there is 3" or 4" left - this will be the body. Move to the left or right side of your cut 4" or 5" and cut down the same distance as the first cut. Cut out the section that is loose. Move to the other side of the bottle and diagonally cut two pointed ears (be careful not to cut them off!). Cut out your pink felt and glue to the plastic ears.

Glue on eyes (wiggle or paper), pink triangle felt nose (or paper) and little strips of white paper to resemble whiskers. Don't forget the cotton ball or pom pom for the tail.

Fill with colored Easter grass. Add your colored Easter Eggs, Easter Candy etc. There's nothing like homemade Easter crafts!

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