Abigail's Easter Bread Recipes

Abigail's kitchen presents Easter Breads, including Easter Babka Recipe,
Easter Hot Cross Buns Recipe, Greek Easter Bread,
Italian Easter Bread Recipe, Easter Egg Bread Recipe.

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Easter Babka - Martha Stewart

Makes 3 Breads
2 c Milk
1/2 lb (2 sticks) unsalted butter
2 pk (2 T) dry yeast
1/4 c Warm water
4 lg Eggs
4 lg Egg yolks
1 c Sugar
1 ts Salt
Zest of 2 oranges
Zest of 1 lemon
1 ts Vanilla extract
1 tb Orange-flavored liqueur
9 c Sifted unbleached flour
1 c Slivered almonds, chopped
1 c Muscat raisins
1 c Golden raisins
3 tb Confectioners' sugar

1 1/4 c Confectioners' sugar mixed
-WITH 1/4 c Lemon juice AND 1 ts Water, for glaze

In a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, scald milk. Add butter and stir until melted. Remove pan from heat and let mixture cool to lukewarm. In a small bowl, stir yeast into warm water; let sit for 5 to 10 minutes, or until foamy. In a large bowl, beat eggs, yolks, and sugar until thick. Add salt, zests, vanilla, and liqueur. Stir to combine. Stir in milk mixture, then yeast.

Add flour, a cupful at a time, until dough is moist but not sticky, mixing with a wooden spoon or your hands. Stir in almonds and raisins. Knead dough on a floured board, adding more flour if dough is too sticky, until dough comes away from your hands, about 6 minutes.

Place dough in a very large buttered bowl. Cover dough with a damp cloth and let rise until doubled, about 1 hour. Punch down and let rise again until doubled, 45 minutes to 1 hour. Heat oven to 350'. Butter three 9-or 10-inch kugelhopf or angel-food-cake pans. Sprinkle pans with a tablespoon of confec- tioners' sugar, if desired. Divide dough into 3 portions and form into balls; arrange in pans and cover loosely. Let dough rise to tops of pans, about 30 minutes.

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes, until cakes are golden brown and tops make a hollow sound when tapped with knuckles. Cool for 5 minutes in pans; turn out onto racks and cool for 20 minutes more. Spoon glaze onto babka, allowing it to drip over sides.

Easter Egg Bread Recipe

3 c Flour, unsifted
1/4 c Sugar
1 ts Salt
1 pk Active Dry Yeast
2/3 c Milk
2 tb Margarine
2 Eggs, room temperature
1/2 c Mixed Candied Fruits
1/4 c Blanched Almonds, chopped
1/2 ts Anise Seeds
Melted Margarine
5 Colored RAW Eggs
Powdered Sugar Colored Sprinkles

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In a large bowl, mix 1 cup flour, sugar, salt and yeast. Combine milk and 2 tablespoons margarine in a sauce pan and heat over low heat until warm. (Margarine does not need to be melted). Gradually add to the dry ingredients and beat 2 minutes on medium speed, scraping side occasionally. Add the eggs and / cup of flour, beat on high speed for 2 minutes. Stir in enough flour to make a soft dough. Put on a floured board and kneak until smooth and elastic. Place in a greased bowl and turn one to coat. Cover and let rise for 1 hours.

Combine fruit, nuts and seeds. Punch down dough and knead in fruit mixture. Divide in half and roll each into a 24" long rope and braid loosely to form a ring on a greased cookie sheet. Put the raw eggs in the spaces, cover and let rise until double about 1 hour. Bake 30-35 minutes in a preheated 350F oven. Cool on rack, frost with powdered sugar and sprinkles.

Easter Hot Cross Buns Recipe

1/4 c Water, lukewarm
1/2 c Granulated sugar
1 pk Active dry yeast [1 tb]
3 1/2 c All-purpose flour
2 tb Cinnamon
1 ts Nutmeg
1/2 ts Salt
1/4 ts Ground cloves
3/4 c Milk, warm
1/4 c Butter, melted
1 Egg
1 Egg yolk
1/2 c Currants
1/4 c Mixed candied peel, chopped
GLAZE-------- 2 tb Granulated sugar 2 tb Water
ICING--------- 1/2 c Icing sugar 2 ts Water

Combine warm water with 1 tb of the sugar; sprinkle yeast over top. Let stand for 10 minutes or until frothy. Meanwhile, in large bowl, blend together remaining sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and cloves; make a well in centre.

In small bowl, whisk together milk, butter, egg and egg yolk; pour into well. Pour in yeast mixture. Using wooden spoon, stir until soft dough forms. Turn out onto lightly floured surface; knead for 8 minutes or until smooth and elastic.

Place in greased bowl, turning to grease all over. Cover with plastic wrap; let rise in warm place for 1 hour or until doubled in bulk. Punch down; turn out onto floured surface; knead in currants and peel.

Shape into 12-inch log; cut into 9 even pieces. Stretch, tuck and pinch sides of dough all around to meet underneath. Using cupped hand, roll into seamless ball. Place 2 inches apart on greased baking sheet. Cover and let rise for 35 minutes or until impression remains when dough is poked.

Bake buns in 400F 200C oven for about 16 minutes or until golden brown. Glaze: In saucepan, stir sugar with water over medium heat until dissolved. Brush over buns. Let cool.

Icing: Stir together icing sugar and water. Using piping bag fitted with round tip, pipe cross on top of each cooled bun.

Italian Easter Bread Recipe

1/4 c Sugar
1 ts Salt 1 pk Dry yeast
2 1/2 To 3-1/2 cups unbleached -flour
2/3 c Milk
2 tb Butter
2 Eggs, at room temperature
1/2 c Mixed candied fruit
1/3 c Chopped blanched almonds.
1/2 ts Anise seed
2 tb Melted shortening
5 Uncooked eggs colored with -Easter Egg Dye

ICING: 1 c Confectioner's sugar
1 tb Milk
1/8 ts Vanilla
colored sprinkles

In a large mixing bowl, blend the sugar, salt, and yeast well with 1 cup of the flour. In a saucepan, combine milk and butter, heating slowly until liquid is warm and butter is melted. Pour the milk into the dry ingredients and beat 125 strokes with a wooden spoon. Add eggs and 1/2 cup flour or enough to make a thick batter. beat vigorously for 2 minutes. Then stir in enough flour to make a ball of dough that draws away from the sides of the bowl.

Turn out onto a floured board and knead for about 10 minutes, working in additional flour to overcome stickiness. Place the dough in a greased bowl, turning to grease the top. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and put in a warm, draft-free place until doubled in bulk about 1 hour.

Meanwhile, combine the fruit,nuts, and anise seed. Punch down the dough and return it to a lightly floured board. Knead in the fruit mixture, keeping the syrupy pieces dusted with flour until they are worked into the dough. Divide the dough in half. Carefully roll each piece into a 24 inch rope - the fruit and nuts will make this slightly difficult. Loosely twist the two ropes together and form a ring on a greased baking sheet. Pinch the ends together well. Brush the dough with melted shortening. Push aside the twist to make a place for each egg. Push eggs down carefully as far as possible. Cover the bread with wax paper and let rise in a warm,draft-free place until double in bulk, about 1 hour.

Bake the bread in a preheated 350 F oven for about 35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in a twist comes out clean. Place on a wire rack to cool. Once the bread is cool, drizzle the icing on top between the eggs, and decorate with colored sprinkles.

Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Makes 2 Loaves

1 pk Dry yeast
1/2 c Warm water
1/2 c Boiling water
1 ts Cinnamon
3/4 c Sugar
3 Eggs
1/4 c Butter; melted
1/2 c Warm milk
1 ts Baking powder
1/2 ts Salt
5 c Flour (all-purpose)
1 Egg yolk; beaten
Sesame seeds
5 Eggs; hard-cooked; unshelled -and dyed red

Soften yeast in warm water and set aside. Combine boiling water and cinnamon; set aside. Combine sugar and eggs; beat well. Add melted butter to egg mixture and beat again. Skim off 1/4 cup clear cinnamon water and add along with yeast and milk to egg mixture, blending well.

Combine dry ingredients and add to batter; knead dough until smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes. Shape dough to fit into 2 greased 8 inch round pans; crisscross 2 strips of dough over each loaf. Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled in bulk. Brush loaves with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until brown. Push dyed eggs into bread immediately when loaves are removed from oven.

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