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Hours of fun for the kids. Wonderful easy Christmas crafts for kids.
Find easy to moderate crafting fun for the whole family.
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Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreat


Green construction paper
Felt pen or pencil to trace hands
Other decorations for finishing

Directions: Trace child's open hand onto paper. (8-10 tracings for a small child) Cut out tracings. Glue tracings together at wrists with fingers pointed out. Decorate with glitter, sequins, ribbons. Kids write their name, age, and date made on back.

Place Mats

Crafts Materials

Scrap material (you sew together) to the size of a place mat
Permanent magic markers
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
Fabric glue
Fabric to cut out
Holiday festive shapes - could be cookie cutters - to trace
Glitter, sequins, ric-rac etc.

Directions:Use sturdy scrap material sewn double, preferably a solid color. Provide each child with the crafts materials listed above and let them go to it.

Tooth Pick Ornament


1 box of rounded tooth picks
White glue
Old Christmas cards
1 sheet of cardboard
Spool of thread

Crafts Directions: Cut out a square of cardboard 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" - this will be your stencil pick out a favorite Holid

ay Card and position your stencil over the area you want to cut out.

Trace around the stencil cut out on the lines put a small amount of glue around the edges of the cutout Christmas card begin placing toothpicks by 3's or 2's, first on one edge then the next until all 4 sides make a frame. Place a "roof" at the top of the frame.

Allow the glue to dry when glue is dry take a length of thread, double it and tie it to the top of the roof. .Make the loop long enough to fit on the branch of a Christmas tree.

Jacob's Ladder Chain

Cut two strips of paper 1" wide and about 20" long. Lay the strips perpendicular to each other and overlap at one end and then glue or staple these ends together. Taking the strip at rear, fold it over the front strip. Then take the second strip and fold it forward over the first. To finish the chain, glue the ends. Pull the ends to open the ladder.

Candy Christmas Wreath


1 coat hanger
30 pieces of assorted, wrapped hard candies, suckers, etc.
30 pieces of colorful curling ribbon, cut into 8" pieces
Wire cutters
Pliers to bend the hanger
Masking tape
A dull pair of scissors to curl the ribbon
Adult Supervision

Directions: Kids will need help with this one - Unbend the hanger and cut it in half (this will be enough for 2 kids). Bend the 1/2 hanger into a circle leaving about 4" at the top to make a hook. Twist the end to make it look like a circle with a hook on it.

Cut your curling ribbon into 8" pieces. Fold your ribbon in half. In the middle of that ribbon tie one piece of candy. Tie it on the end of the candy where the paper twists. Now tie the candy with 2 knots tightly on to the hanger. Tie the candy right next to the wire to help cover it up. Use the scissors to curl the ribbon on each end. Repeat the process for all your candy pieces.

It might take a few more or less than 30 depending on the size of each candy. Suckers should be tied close to the head. You may add a ribbon on the top to cover the hook if you want. Tip: Tie on a pair of small scissors so people can eat the candy when they visit.

Merry Christmas!Christmas Collection

Merry Christmas!The Christmas Store

Make a Jeweled Ornament


3" Frosted ball
Ornament jewels (one side flat) of different sizes and shapes
Tacky glue

Directions: Apply glue to the back of the jewels and apply to the Christmas ornament. You may need to hold in place for a minute or two depending on the type of glue used. Let dry. NOTE: You can use sparkle glue or glitter fabric paint to attach the jewels. Use lots of glue to make sure the jewels will stay on your craft.

Cinnamon Ornaments

Crafts Materials

1 cup Cinnamon
1 tb Cloves
1 tlb Nutmeg
3/4 c Applesauce
2 tb White glue
1 Drinking straw

Directions: In medium bowl, stir dry ingredients to combine. Add applesauce & glue. Work mixture with hands for 2 to 3 min or until dough is smooth andingre. are mixed. Divide into 4 portions. Roll out each to 1/4in thickness.

Cut dough with cookie cutters or into desired shapes. Using straw, make a small hole in top of each ornament. Dry your crafts on racks for several days turning over once a day. {you could use a dehydrator} Insert ribbon through hole tie with a knot or bow - don't eat these crafts, they are strictly a decoration. DO NOT EAT

Sugar Cone Trees - Candy Crafts

Place a sugar cone upside down on a paper plate and cover it with dark green frosting.

Add assorted small candies such as red hots, miniature MM’s, skittles, chocolate chips, etc. Add different colored sprinkles.

Sprinkle on confectioners sugar so it looks like your tree is covered in snow.

Angels Ornaments


Brown paper lunch bag (5-1/4 x 3-1/8 x 10-3/4 inches)
Piece of cardboard cut to fit base of bag
Shredded newspaper to fill bag
3/4" full Elastic band
Small paper doily (about 3-1/2 inches)
Spanish moss
1 yard of 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" wide paper ribbon, any colour
1 yard of 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" wide paper ribbon, any colour
3-inch diameter styrofoam ball
Piece of flesh-coloured nylon stocking
Needle and thread
1/8" beads for eyes
1-1/2" gold foil bow or 9" of gold 1/4" ribbon
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Adult Supervision

Directions: Put cardboard inside bag as a base. Fill the bag 3/4 full with shredded newspaper. Close bag and tie with elastic band, leaving about 2-1/2 inches of bag at top to make the angel's collar. Fold top of bag outwards and downwards all around to shape the collar.

Centre the doily on top of the collar and glue in place. Cut a square from the nylon stocking large enough to fit over the styrofoam ball. Pull the stocking tight, gather the excess and stitch through the gathers to secure. Cut off excess stocking. Glue this head to the centre of the doily, with gathers at the back of the head.

Take a handful of Spanish moss and fit around face and back of head to form the hair. Glue into place. Fill in any bare spots with more Spanish moss. Twist an 18-inch length of narrower paper ribbon and form into a halo, knotting the ends together. Trim ends at an angle and glue halo to top of angel's head, with the knot at the back.

Make angel wings by tying a bow from the wider paper ribbon. Flatten wings slightly, centre and glue to angel's back. Glue a band of narrower ribbon around the base of the bag, with the ends in the back. Glue flat beads to front of angel's face for eyes, or push round beads into the styrofoam and glue in place. Glue foil bow or bow tied from gold ribbon to the left side of the collar.

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