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Elegant Christmas Wreath


- 4 x 20" long ribbons, width and color of choice
- Wreath base made from twisted vines real or artificial
- Pine boughs or holly
- Artificial fruit
- Hot glue gun


Step 1: Tie the lengths of ribbon into four bows.
Step 2: Arrange the greenery, fruit, and ribbons loosely on top of the wreath base, trying various placements.
Step 3: When you are happy with the arrangement, cut the pine boughs to the desired length. Using the hot glue gun, glue the cut ends of the pine to the wreath base.
Step 4: Repeat with fruit, and finish off with bows.
Step 5: There is no need to add a loop for hanging since a vine wreath is easily hung on a nail or hook. Hang the wreath on a door or wall, making sure the nail or hook is not visible. If you choose to use artificial greenery, your wreath will last a lifetime.

Variation for Holly Wreath:

For a traditional wreath, substitute fresh holly boughs for the needled greenery. Cut a few small, healthy holly branches.

Submerge the ends in water until you are ready to assemble the wreath. Strip small clumps of leaves from the branches, trimming the ends--leave a little of the twig to poke into the wreath base. Attach the holly in the same manner as the pine wreath. Small clumps are easier to work with than big unruly bundles.

Decorate as above, or in any way you wish.

Gift Wrap Ideas


- Gift boxes of all sizes and shapes

For Painted Box:

- Artist's acrylic paints
- Paintbrush
- White craft glue

For Fabric-Covered Box:

- Ffabric to cover
- White craft glue
- Ribbon

For Paper-Covered Box:

- Paper to cover
- Glue stick
- Acrylic paint
- Stencil
- Stencil brush

Directions Painted Box:

Step 1: Paint the box in colors the recipient will like. You may need up to three coats of paint for even coverage.
Step 2: When the paint is dry, glue a figurine to the top of the lid. The homemade figurine we have used is made from papier-mâché.

Directions Covered Box:

Step 1: Cover each box with fabric or paper. To achieve the neatest finish, experiment with the corner folds before you glue them down.
Step 2: Decorate the paper-covered box with stencils and allow to dry. Glue ribbon to the lid of the fabric-covered box with craft glue. Push pins are useful for holding the ribbon in place while the glue dries. Tie the ribbon bow and glue it to the top. For contrast, we painted parts of the fabric on the lid with acrylic paint mixed with a little glue.

Tip: Try covering the lid with the reverse of the fabric, if the underside provides a pleasing contrast.

Christmas Stockings


- 1 yd. cotton holiday print fabric
- 1 yd. red or green QUILTED solid fabric
- 3 to 4 yds. various trim (gold, green or red 2 1/2" - 3" fringe and any combination of braid, cord, tassled trim, etc. that works with the print you've chosen)
- Red or Green thread (whichever your solid quilted fabric is)
- Fabric glue (white glue)
- Newspaper (for making a pattern)
- Straight pins


Using a standard white fuzzy store-bought stocking, about 20" long, as a guide, make stocking pattern with newspaper: Trace a pattern on the newspaper adding an inch all around the edge of the store-bought stocking (this allows for your seam width), and 5" to the top (this allows for the foldover in Step 8 below)

Fold quilted fabric in half, right sides together. Pin pattern to it. Cut and remove pattern (you will have two stocking-shaped pieces of the quilted material). Set aside. See Diagram #2 Fold material in half, right sides together. Pin pattern to it. Cut and remove pattern (you will have two stocking shaped pieces of printed fabric). With the two pieces of material still together, cut 4" off the top end of the stocking shapes.

Still working with the Christmas print and with right sides together, pin and sew a 3/4" seam around edges leaving top edge open. Trim excess fabric outside of seam line, leaving approximately 1/4" width. Turn right side out and iron. Set aside.

Now take quilted fabric and, at the top of each piece, sew a 1/4" hem. Pin quilted pieces with right sides together, marking (with pins or chalk) both at 4"and at 5" down from the top on both sides (left and right) of the stocking. Sew a 1/2" seam from top of stocking down to the 4" mark. Sewing inward, move the seam to 3/4" width by the time you reach the 5" mark.

Continue the 3/4" seam down around the toe, then up around the heel until you reach the other 5" mark. Then, as you are sewing, move the seam back out to 1/2" width by the time you reach the 4" mark. Continue the 1/2" seam to top of stocking (leaving top open).

Trim excess fabric outside of seam, leaving only 1/4". Leave wrong side out. Now, insert quilted stocking (inside out) into print stocking (right side out), aligning toes and heels (wrong sides of the quilted and printed fabrics should be touching each other).

Fold over the top 4" (approx) of the quilted lining so that the right side shows, creating the cuff for the name area at the top of the stocking. Under the cuff just created, glue quilted cuff to printed fabric.

Glue the fringed trim so that the fringe edge covers the "hem" of the cuff. Using the remaining types of trim, decorate the rest of the stocking in any combination you like, layering it or stacking it to achieve the look you want.

Holiday Candle


- 1 terra cotta pot, 6 to 8 inches in diameter, with matching coaster
- Paint (your choice of colors)
- Glue
- Large votive candle
- Wide ribbon


Paint the terra cotta pot in your own decorative style (hint: sponge paint works nicely) Paint the coaster in the same or contrasting manner. Once the paint dries, turn the painted pot upside down and glue the bottom of the coaster to the bottom of the pot.

Tie a bow around the center of the base to make it more festive. Place the large candle inside of the coaster Flowers or ivy can be placed around the candle and base of pedestal to add a special touch.

Christmas Cinnamon Ornament


- 1 c Applesauce
- 1 oz Cinnamon
- 1 oz Grd. cloves
- 1 oz Grd. nutmeg
- 1 oz Grd. ginger
- Cinnamon for cutting board


Combine ingredients to make a stiff dough. Roll out on board dusted with ground cinnamon. Cut with cookie cutters of your choice. Put hole in top for string. Lay out flat to dry.

Turn over every 12 hours until completely dry.

Popcorn Wreaths


- Cardboard wreaths
- Plastic knives
- Peanut butter
- Birdseed
- Popcorn


Cut wreath shapes out of cardboard. Give each child a wreath and a plastic knife. Let children spread peanut butter over wreath. Pour birdseed over peanut-covered wreath. Use spots of peanut butter to "glue" pieces of popcorn onto the wreath in a bow shape. Hang the wreaths outside where children can see them. Birds will love it!!

Ribbon Decor Photo Album


- 1 Photo album
- Satin ribbon in different shades of color
- Fusing
- Interlacing
- Light to medium weight fabric for the inside cover of album
- Weaving shuttle
- Press cloth
- Glue


Select ribbon of your choice. Using the foam core interfacing, lay the ribbon down horizontally alternating colors. Using the weaving shuttle or by hand, vertically thread the same mix of colors through the ribbon.

Use a press cloth to iron the ribbons and keep them in place. Remove the layer from the foam core and flip it over. (You may want to stitch the outside edges to make it more secure.) Apply glue to the inside edges of the cover of the photo album. Adhere ribbon weave to the cover. Apply an addition piece of plain fabric to the inside cover to conceal edges - just as you would do if you were covering a book.

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