Just the Right Shoe

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"Just The Right Shoe" Miniatures

Find miniature shoes collectibles for gift giving or add to your miniature shoes collection.
Miniature shoes are art, culture, and collectibles.
Each "Just The Right Shoe" miniature shoes is a reflection of a memory or a time in history.
Buy nostalgic fun "Just The Right Shoe" miniature shoes here.

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Miniature Shoes - Styles By Category

Just the Right Shoe pieces are Collectibles made by Raine.
These exquisite pieces have an average height size of 2.5" to 4".
Raine brings a fantastic variety of items that fall into the following categories:

  • Stepping Out Shoes
  • Step Into Your Fantasies
  • Elegant Shoes
  • Summer Shoes
  • Lone Star Collector
  • Step Into Action Shoes
  • History Miniature Shoes
  • JtRS For Kids
  • I Love Shoes Miniatures
  • Birthstone Shoes
  • Just the Right Gift
  • Gift Sets
  • Step Into Nature
  • Footwear Fashion
  • I Love Shoes
  • Raine Drops - Baby Shoes
  • The Collection
  • Breast Cancer Tribute

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