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Cardew Teapots Online

Cardew Teapots for unique and wonderful gifts - select from the Cardew Teapot Minatures, the Cardew Blue, the Cardew Doultons or the Cardew Disney Teapots Collection including the wonderful Alice In Wonderland Cardew teapots.

Paul Cardew Collectibles

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Paul Cardew B.A. Hons A.T.D. is widely accepted as the foremost designer of collectible teapots in the world today.
Their can be no doubt that Paul Cardew collectible teapots are among the most beautiful in the world.
Only the finest clay, underglaze and lustres make it into the posession of a handcraft production team,
who use age-old skills to devastatingly beautiful effect - indulge yourself or someone you know with a unique gift.

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