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Buy Barbie® Dolls here - the most collected dolls in the world. Ever since the debut in 1959 Barbie® has captured the hearts of little girls everywhere. If Barbie® dolls are your passion, or if you know a Barbie® doll collector, or if you know a little girl, look here.

Jude Deveraux's Scintillating Romance Novel BarbieŽDolls

Midsummer Night's Dream BarbieŽDoll

Barbie Heart Association

I Love Lucy BarbieŽDoll

Alfred Hitchock's - The Birds Barbie Doll

The Sound of Music Barbie Doll

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I Love Lucy Barbie®
Trench Setter(TM)
Color Magic(TM)
The Waltz sand Ken Giftset
Barbie®Bohemian Glamour Doll
Princess Of England Barbie
Badgley Mischka Barbie®Bride
45th Anniversary Doll Set
Jude Deveraux The Raider
Princess Of The Vikings
Princess Of Ancient Greece
Pink Birthday Wishes Doll
Princess Of Ancient Mexico
Diana Ross Barbie®Collectible
Lounge Kitties Tiger
Generations Of Dreams™ Barbie® Doll
Wedding Day® Barbie® Doll
Ken® Doll
Sparkling Pink™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie® Doll as Aphrodite
Harley-Davidson® Barbie® Doll
2009 Holiday™ Barbie® Doll
2009 Holiday™ Barbie® Doll
Pop Life™ Barbie® Doll
Pop Life™ Doll (Redhead)
Pop Life™ Doll (African-American)
Amazonia Barbie® Doll
Ken® doll as Captain Kirk
Barbie® Doll as Lt. Uhura
Ken® doll as Mr. Spock
Twist 'N Turn™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie® Doll as Marilyn Monroe™
Southern Belle Barbie® Doll
Debut™ Barbie® Doll
Debut™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie®and the Rockers™ Doll
Went with the Wind! Doll
Hershey'TMs Barbie® Doll
Julia Doll
50th Anniversary Barbie® Doll
The Scarlet Macaw Barbie® Doll
The Original Teenage Fashion Model™
Brunette Bubble Cut™ Barbie® Doll
Malibu Barbie® Doll
Superstar Barbie™ Doll
France Barbie® Doll
Scotland Barbie® Doll
The Wizard of Oz™ Dorothy™ Barbie® Doll
Glinda™ the Good Witch Barbie® Doll
Wicked Witch of the West™ Barbie® Doll
The Wizard of Oz™ Cowardly Lion™ Ken® Doll
The Wizard of Oz™ Tin Man™ Ken® Doll
The Wizard of Oz™ Scarecrow™ Ken® Doll
Alvin Ailey® American Dance Theater Barbie® Doll
Empress of the Golden Blossom™ Barbie® Doll
Hard Rock Cafe® Barbie® Doll
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Barbie®
I Love Lucy Kelly® Dolls
Vera Wang™ Bride: The Romanticist Barbie® Doll
Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Barbie® Doll
The Showgirl Barbie® Doll
Campus Sweet Shop™ Midge® Doll
Allan™ Doll
G&P Barbie® Dolls
Teen Age Barbie
Happy Birthday®, Angel Barbie® Doll
Happy Birthday, Gorgeous™ Barbie® Doll
Celebrate, Disco Doll!™ Barbie® Doll
Celebrate, Disco Doll!™ Barbie® Doll
Black Canary Barbie® Doll
Supergirl™ Barbie® Doll
Birthday Wishes Blond Barbie
Princess Of Navajo Barbie
Kate Spade Collectible Doll
Joyeaux Collectible Doll
Lounge Kitties Panther
Birthday Wishes Redhead
Versus Barbie®Collectible
Chinoiserie(TM) Red Moon
Versace Barbie
Mattel Model Of The Moment
Midsummer Night's Dream Titania
Romeo Ken & Juliet Barbie®
Barbie®2004 Holiday Doll
2004 African American Holiday
Batgirl™ Barbie® Doll
Campus Spirit™ Barbie®
2008 Holiday™ Barbie® Doll
2008 Holiday™ Barbie® Doll
Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Barbie® Doll
Tarina Tarantino® Barbie® Doll
Hello Kitty® Barbie® Doll (2008)
Grease® Sandy Barbie® Doll (Dance Off)
Grease® Rizzo Barbie® Doll (Dance Off)
Grease® Frenchy Barbie® Doll (Dance Off)
Grease® Cha Cha Barbie® Doll (Dance Off)
I Love Lucy Dolls "Job Switching"
Speed Racer Barbie® Doll and Ken®
Preferably Pink™ Barbie® Doll
Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie® Doll
Campus Sweetheart™ Barbie® Doll
Juicy Couture Beverly Hills
My Melody® Barbie® Doll
Pepper Barbie® Doll
Tout De Suite™ Barbie® Doll
E! Live from the Red Carpet by Badgley Mischka
Mary Poppins
Grease® Sandy Barbie® Doll (Race Day)
Grease® Frenchy Barbie® Doll (Race Day)
Grease® Rizzo Barbie® Doll (Race Day)
Sumatra-Indonesia Barbie® Doll
Spain Barbie® Doll
Red, White ‘n Warm™ Barbie® Doll
The Pirate Barbie® Doll
Christabelle™ Barbie® Doll
Hello Kitty® Barbie® Doll
Queen of Hearts Barbie® Doll
Twist 'N Turn™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie® Doll as Marilyn Monroe™
Most Mod Party™ Becky® Doll
Southern Belle Barbie® Doll
Debut™ Barbie® Doll
Debut™ Barbie® Doll
Barbie®and the Rockers™ Doll
The Carol Burnett Show Doll
Hershey'TMs Barbie® Doll
Julia Doll
The FlintstonesTM Barbie® Doll Giftset
Grease® Kelly® Doll and Tommy® Doll


Manufactured by Mattel, this one doll is a $1.9 billion dollar a year industry, 2 dolls being bought every second of the day.

Barbie Dolls, the first beauty dolls, came in a black-and-white striped swimsuit and signature ponytail. In the succeeding years, Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson designs following Paris fashions.

The dolls sizing measurements have been controversial, with many suggesting that playing with the dolls decreases rather than enhances a girl's self-esteem. In response to criticism, Mattel adjusted the dolls chest measurement down, and the waist measurement up, though the proportions are still uncharacteristic of most women the changes to the Barbie body have somewhat abated the critics.

Totally Hair Barbie, with stylable hair so long it reached from her head down to her toes, was the best selling doll of the collection, released in the early-1990s.

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