Abigail's International Recipes

Cooking from around the world. Many delicious recipes to choose from.
Find Chinese Food Recipes, German Food Recipes, Greek Food Recipes, Italian Food Recipes,
and a variety of Ethnic Indian Recipe Dishes for the cooking. Interesting and delicious all!!

Chinese Food Recipes

Find Chinese Egg Rolls, Spring Roll, Spareribs, Chinese Bun and more

German Food Recipes

Delicious Sauerbraten, Beef Roulade, Cabbage Rolls, Potato Pancakes,
many dishes to choose from including traditional German Cakes

Greek Food Recipes

Featuring many Greek Dishes, including salads, Moussaka, Spanakopita, Baklava

Italian Food Recipes

Spaghetti and Meatballs of course, Antipasto, Gazpacho,
Minestrone, Italian Breads, Tiramisu

Ethnic Indian Food Recipes

Absolutely wonderful East Indian Curry Recipes, Chicken Tamoori,
Samosas, Chutneys, Lamb Recipes, the traditional Pickled Lemon Recipe

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