Abigail's Mother's Day Crafts
Special Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day crafts - ideas to make Mother's day a little extra special. These special Mother's Day ideas are easy to do.
Mother's Day crafts will surely put a smile on your Mother's face.

Mother's Day Recipes Page

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Flower Candle

Craft Materials

3" or 6" pillar candle-white or off white (3" diameter)
Pressed flowers:
(Leaves of geranium, rue, ferns, roses, any flat pressed flowers)
Votive candle - white or off-white
Paint brush
Old pan to heat wax in

Heat votive candle in the old pan until melted. Use a votive that is the same color as the pillar candle that is used.
If your Mother has a favorite flower it would be a nice idea to use that kind of blossom. Arrange flowers on table to a suitable design for your candle unless you will be placing them on the candle randomly. Take your small paint brush and dab a little melted wax onto candle where you plan on placing first flower. Quickly place flower on top of dap of wax. Do this with you whole design, making sure you get just a THIN layer of wax on the top of the flower.

Brush a THIN layer of melted wax over whole design. Allow the candle to cool either at room temperature or in a refrigerator.

Final touch ideas: Place your Mothers Day gift in a small wreath of dried flowers and add a handwritten "I love you Mom" little note and attach.

Mother's Day Rose Potpourri

Potpourri Craft Ingredients

1 cup dried rose buds and petals
1 cup mixed pink and white dried flowers
1 cup rosemary leaves
1¼ cup broken stick cinnamon
1 cup bay leaves
1 tablespoons whole cloves
3 tablespoons orris root chips
6 to 8 drops rose oil

Mix well and seal in a jar with plenty of air space. Shake or stir it daily for 2 weeks to allow it to blend and ripen.

Additional ideas: Give your gift to Mom in a pretty jar decorated with ribbon and / or display jar in a pretty basket using a lace doily as a basket lining and big enough to hang over the the basket creating a delicate scalloped edge. Weave a narrow ribbon, through lace or wrapped around the basket handle and tied in a bow.

Photo Flower For Grandma

Craft Idea Materials:

1 Small Clay Pot
Construction Paper
- a color for the flower and green for the leaves
1 Popsicle Stick
1 Photo
1 Green Pipe Cleaner
Floral Foam
Spanish Moss

Make a flower from the colored construction paper you have picked for the flower. Cut the shape out. Cut your photo into a heart shape. Glue the heart-shaped photo in the center of the construction paper flower.

Wind the pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick until it is covered completely except about 1 inch on the bottom.

Glue the flowers onto the popsicle stick stem. Make leaves out of the green construction paper, and attach them to the stem. Put some floral foam in a little clay pot, glue down some spanish moss to cover the foam. Stick the flower into the foam. Great gift for Grandmother.

Door Step Garden


1 Old boot or shoe
Small pebbles
Potting Soil
Flowering plants - a nice idea would be Mother's favorite

Remove the shoe lace, loosen the tongue of the shoe and pull forward. Fill the bottom of the shoe with loose pebbles and cover with a layer of potting soil, about 2 inches thick.

Fit your flowers, root down into the shoe and pack more soil around the and top of the roots.

Give Mother a handwritten note with her gift - "Water your shoe regularly, as the plant will not be drawing moisture from the ground below."

Mother's Day Recipes

Relaxing Milk Bath

Bath Craft Ingredients

8 cups powdered milk
2 cup boiled water
1 cup dried chamomile

Steep chamomile in water for 20 minutes Strain liquid. Mix liquid with milk - cool. Place in pretty decanter and refrigerate.

Give to Mother with little instruction tag attached - "Please keep this bath potion refrigerated between uses. Add to running water 1/2 cup of milk bath and lay back and enjoy". Chamomile is a great relaxing stress reliever.

Additional idea: On that special day add a pretty little plant or a few fresh cut flowers to your Mother's gift.

Dream Pillows For Mothers

Make her day and her night with this idea!

This Craft Idea Materials:

2 Cotton or Silk Fabric Squares - 5" x 5" minimum
Mesh bag for herbal insert
1 part Rose Petals
1 part Dried Chamomile
1 part Dried Lavender
Fragrant Essential Oil - 5 to 7 droplets
Needle & Thread
Pillow stuffing.

Sew the fabric pieces together with the wrong side of the fabric on the outsides. Sew 3 sides together then turn inside out so right sides are now showing.

Fill small mesh bag with a mixture of the flowers and herbs as well as a few drops of essential oil. Tie off with a string. Place inside your pillow form and fill with pillow stuffing. Don't over pack as it fragrance bag needs air circulation to release the scents.

Finish pillow off by adding velcro to the open end of the pillow This will allow you access to change the herbs and flowers when needed or to wash the pillow itself. Its best to keep the pillow in a flat shape not round. Insert Mother's dream pilliow into a regular pillowcase for a scent-sational night's sleep.

Crafts made with loving care are great ideas - get the children involved with crafts for Grandma, too - little extra special ideas for Mom and Grandmother on Mothers Day.

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